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1st Grade In-House information:
  • Program Eligibility
  • Program Philosophy
  • In-House League Objectives
  • Coaching Goals
  • Registration Information
    • Dates
    • Fees
  • Season Information
    • Clinic Dates
    • Season start & end dates
  • Team Information
  • Evaluations
  • Practice Information
  • Game Information
  • Tournament Information
  • Clinic Schedule

Program Eligibility:

EPBBA, Inc. was created to provide boys who attend Eden Prairie Schools with an opportunity to compete and to develop their skills. 

Note:  This program is for First Grade boys only! It is understood that some Kindergarten boys may be of similar age and talent to many of the First Grade boys. However, there is a true shortage of gym space and coaches. Allowing one Kindergarten boy (no matter what the circumstance) into the program would set a precedent that could interfere with a First Grade boy having his optimal basketball experience. Therefore, the EPBBA has a firm policy that will allow no child, regardless of age, to be registered in the wrong grade.   Boys found to be registered under false pretense will be removed from their team and refund requests will not be honored. 

EPBBA Program Philosophy

  1. Provide all participants with a positive experience from K-12
  2. Inspire each player to continue playing and to develop their skills
  3. Teach life lessons through positive interaction

In-House League Objectives

  • Provide a positive experience for every team member
  • Build a desire in every individual to achieve their personal best
  • Develop a team concept
  • Build strong fundamentals
  • At season end, every player should look forward to next year

Coaching Goals

  • Never get tired of teaching fundamentals
    • Correct player mistakes and teach, repeat
  • Be positive and constructive
  • Have practice plans well-prepared – it is the most valuable time to teach
    • A scrimmage without stopping to correct is not a good practice 

Volunteers:  For the EPBBA to run a successful basketball program, we need volunteers to coach. We will provide the K-3 coaching manual to all coaches with practice outlines for each week. In addition, during the Fall Clinics, the high school players will demonstrate all of the drills needed throughout the season. And, Coach Flom will conduct a short meeting for new coaches to align on expectations and tools.  Please indicate at least one volunteer job on the registration form.

  1st grade - In-House
Registration Information  
Registration Dates Sep 1 - Sep 15
Registration Fee $100 by Sep 15, $40 late fee applies to subsequent registrations
Included in Registration Fee Uniform Jersey, Basketballs, Clinics, Practice & Game Court Time, & Referee Fees
Not Included in Registration Fee Shorts & Shoes
Clinic Dates, Times, & Locations

Nov 1 and 7 at EPHS Activity Center Courts 1-4 

Time:  6:30-7:30 p.m.

Season Start Date (estimated) mid November
Season End Date (estimated) end of February
Evaluations No
# of players per team 6-7
# Practices per Week 1
Potential Practice Days Thur, Fri *
Practice length 1 hour
Practice Times 6pm, 7pm *
Practice Locations Prairie View *
# of Games per week 1
Potential Game Days Sat
Game Length 1 hour
Game Times 10:10 am, 11:20 am, 12:30 pm *
Game Locations Cedar Ridge
Type of game Scrimmage 3 vs 3
End of Year Tournament No
Days of End of Year Tournament N/A

* = Subject to change based on # registrations and availability of courts