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Summer 2019 Eagles Shooting Stars Club
The EPBBA is proud to announce our off-season program designed to help boys develop their skills while having fun …… it’s the Eagles Shooting Stars Club!
The Club is open to both Travel and In-House players that play in the Eden Prairie Boys Basketball Association. 
You gain membership in this elite club by attaining the following goal during the period of May 15- September 30:
Grades K-2                                2,500 MADE baskets
Grades 3-5                                5,000 MADE baskets
Grades 6-12                             10,000 MADE baskets
Achieve the goal and you’ll receive a special Eagles Shooting Stars Club T-shirt!
Registration is FREE and easy to complete.    Follow these steps to complete registration and the monthly reporting requirements
In the past, between 25-40 boys achieved the goal for their age group.   The winners were announced at an Eden Prairie Boys Varsity Basketball Game.