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Summer 2020 Eagles Shooting Stars Club
The EPBBA is proud to announce our off-season program designed to help boys develop their skills while having fun …… it’s the Eagles Shooting Stars Club!
The Club is open to both Travel and In-House players that play in the Eden Prairie Boys Basketball Association. 
You gain membership in this elite club by attaining the following goal during the period of May 1- September 30:
Grades K-2                                2,500 MADE baskets
Grades 3-5                                5,000 MADE baskets
Grades 6-12                             10,000 MADE baskets
Achieve the goal and you’ll receive a special Eagles Shooting Stars Club personalized bag tag!
Registration is FREE and easy to complete.    Follow these steps to complete registration and the monthly reporting requirements
In the past, between 25-40 boys achieved the goal for their age group.   The winners were announced at an Eden Prairie Boys Varsity Basketball Game.