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Eagles Shooting Stars is FREE!  Register now!

EPBBA is proud to announce our off-season program designed to help boys develop their skills while having fun …… Eagles Shooting Stars!  Eagles Shooting Stars is open to players registered in the EPBBA Travel or In-House program.  

You gain membership in this elite club by making the specified number of baskets for your age group (based on 2021-2022 grade) during the period of May 1 – September 30

Grades K-2                             2,500 MADE baskets

Grades 3-5                             5,000 MADE baskets

Grades 6-12                           10,000 MADE baskets

Achieve the goal and you’ll receive a special Eagles Shooting Stars Bag Tag!

Registration is FREE and easy to complete.  Follow these steps to complete registration and the monthly reporting requirements.

  • Simply go to www.epbba.org and click on Register Online to register for Eagles Shooting Stars
  • Use the tracking sheet available on the EPBBA website or click HERE to download.
  • Turn your progress in monthly (email to  ) and we’ll post it for you and your friends to see on the home page of EPBBA.org in July and October! 
    • Remember: only count the baskets you make!  
    • Vary the types of shots you take (free throws, lay ups, jump shots, etc.) to get the most benefit from your work.

In 2020, we had 44 boys complete their goal, totaling over 425,000 made shots!  Sign up today and good luck shooting this summer!