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EPBBA (Eden Prairie Boys Basketball Association) 2020-21 Registration Information

NOTE: Please register now but DO NOT PAY.  We will provide more information on when to pay due to monitoring the Coronavirus.

Registration Dates: 

OPENS:  Tuesday 8:00 am September 4, 2020

CLOSES: Wednesday 7:00 pm September 16, 2020

Who:  All boys in Grades K-12 that either live in Eden Prairie or attend a school in Eden Prairie who want to play either In-House Basketball in Grades K-12 or Travel Basketball in Grades 4-8

How:  On-line registration @ www.epbba.org and click on “Register Now” on the left hand side

  • PLEASE NOTE:  If your son has previously registered on-line:
    •  DO NOT create another profile in the system.  If you do not remember your password, enter your email address and hit submit (leave password field blank) and your password will be emailed to you.  You are prompted for email and password once you start to register on-line.
    • If you are not sure what email address you entered into the system, send an email with your first name, last name, & email address to: 2018epbba@gmail.com

Fees: (base registration fee only)

  • All fees and Grade specific program information can be found on the web site at www.epbba.org and click on the specific Grade at the top of the page.
  • Fees will be paid later.  You will register now and pay later.  More information will be provided.


Financial Aid Information:

  • Financial Aid for players participating in Grades K-12 In-House Program
    • In-House financial aid will cover the base registration fee.  Families who qualify for free and/or reduced school lunch are eligible. 
  • Financial Aid for players participating in Grades 4-8 Travel teams
    • Travel financial aid will cover the base registration fee plus the incremental travel fee.  Families who qualify for free and/or reduced school lunch are eligible. 


  • Applying for Financial Aid:  Parents interested in applying for financial aid for either the In-House basketball program or the travel program should:
    • send an email to epbbatreasurer@outlook.com with a subject line of: "Financial Aid Request " and
    • attach a verification letter from the school stating that you qualify for free and/or reduced school lunch


Deadline: the deadline for Financial Aid requests is Wednesday 7:00 pm September 16, 2020

  • No Financial Aid requests will be accepted after 7:00 pm September 16, 2020


Program Information for each grade:  can be found on the web site at www.epbba.org and click on specific grade



A single fundraising card will be included in the registration fee for each player (Travel and In House) at the value of $20.  EPBBA is using this method of raising funds to fund scholarships for players from K-12.  Some other programs ask players to sell a number of cards or get corporate sponsors.   We are utilizing this program and will distribute the single card (for each player) at their first game or practice."



Grades 4-8:

  • There are 2 offerings for Grades 4-8: (1) In-House and (2) Travel
  • All boys trying out for any of the travel teams must register by September 16, 2020.  No registrations will be allowed during the first day of travel tryouts.
  • Complete information (including travel fees) on both programs can be found at www.epbba.org by clicking on the appropriate grade or the Travel Grades 4-8 at the top of the screen.

Travel Basketball Grades 4-8:

  • If your son is interested in trying out for a travel basketball team, you only need to complete the on-line registration for the appropriate grade. There is no advance registration for travel basketball tryouts. Simply arrive at the grade specific date and time for the travel basketball tryouts. More information regarding the travel program including tryout dates can be found at www.epbba.org by clicking on the “2020-21 Travel Team Information” under the Travel Grades 4-8 section.


Grades 9-12:

  • If you are not trying out for any of the EPHS Teams, then ONLY register with EPBBA.
  • If you will be trying out for any of the EPHS teams
    • You must register with the EPHS Activities Office and pay the EPHS activity fee.  EPBBA is not affiliated with EPHS in any way.
    • If you want to play basketball this year, either with EPHS or EPBBA (if you do not make the EPHS team), you must register with both organizations and pay the fee for both (timing of paying the fees may vary for EPHS and EPBBA as EPBBA is delaying payment.)
      • If you register with both organizations and make the EPHS team, EPBBA will immediately refund your registration fee.
      • If you register with both organizations and do not make the EPHS team, the EPHS activity fee will be refunded.
  • If you are trying out for an EPHS team and have no interest in playing EPBBA In-House Grades 9-12 basketball should you not make an EPHS team, DO NOT REGISTER with EPBBA, only register with and pay the EPHS Activity fee.  


Additional questions:  Please contact MessageTheEPBBA@outlook.com