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The Eden Prairie Basketball Board has enclosed a few requirements to help you start off the basketball season on the right foot.

1.    Call each family or player on your team soon after you receive your team roster. This reduces calls from families or players. It is natural for people to want to know as soon is possible what team they are on.

2.    At your first practice set up a 10 minute parent and player meeting. This will allow you to meet all parents and it will help to promote understanding between the players family and you. Use the hallway, or any room the gym coordinator will let you use.

3.    At this meeting make sure you cover the following items:

a.     Schedule for the year.

b.    Names and phone numbers of coaches and team members.

c.     Remind parents to pick up and drop off the players "on time".  Coaches must remain with your players until each one is picked up.

d.    Promote with players, the idea that homework should be completed prior to practice and that school work is priority number one.

e.    Parents must never leave un-attended children at the school during practice or games. A coach cannot be responsible for the behavior of un-attended children left at the school.

f.      Let parents know what to expect and what is expected of them at games each Saturday.

g.    Parents should never "coach" from the sidelines. All coaching should come from the bench so that the boys learn to listen to one voice for instruction during games. Encourage parents to cheer and encourage from the sidelines.

h.    Have the boys wear street shoes to the gym and change into their basketball shoes once they are at the gym. Street shoes bring a lot of sand and snow onto the gym floor.

i.      If you wish have the boys bring water bottles to the sidelines during games to help reduce running to the drinking fountain during the game.  Only water is allowed on the sidelines.

j.      Tell parents of first time players about pictures and trophies.

k.     Mention the EP High School team and hand out information about the schedule for the season.

l.      Go over the "10 top reasons" why you are coaching their son’s team.

Top 10 reasons to coach your son’s team:

1. You love kids. If you don’t love kids, you should not be coaching.

2. You want to be a positive role model, something kids so desperately need. Many coaches don’t fully realize the impact they can have on kids’ lives. It can be huge, and lifelong.

3. You love the game and want to pass that love on to kids. Spread the joy of playing a sport you love!

4. You’ve seen coaches who are not doing it right and you want to do your part to correct that. It’s frustrating to stand or sit on the sidelines and see coaches who are clueless about motivating, challenging, and encouraging kids. Maybe it’s time for you to step up and help!

5. You want to show kids that hard work and fun can go hand-in-hand. They are not mutually exclusive.

6. Although your job is not to solely please the parents, you do care about helping them understand how they can be a positive voice in their kids’ sports experience. Youth sports are just as much a learning experience for parents as for kids. Your example and positive voice can help them as much as their kids.

7. You are tired of hearing about abusive coaches and want to be part of a changing tide. You’ve seen that coach, either on your side of the field or court or on the opponent’s side. Instead of complaining, BE the change you want to see.

8. You love competition and winning, but not more than you love to see young players develop. Every coach wants to win, but youth sports coaches need to have as their number one priority the development of young athletes, both in character and in skill.

9. You don’t care about the money. A youth sports coach does not make money, and all of them are volunteers. If you can happily donate a ton of time, then go for it!

10. You want to be part of your child’s youth sports experience. If you’re a mom or dad who wants to coach and you can adhere to the above reasons, then go be part of your child’s world!


Many youth sports coaches are quitting because there’s too much pressure and not enough support. If you are in it for the right reasons, please stick to it. You are very much needed in the youth sports world!