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We are offering EPBBA apparel for sale and as a reminder, our organization gets a small portion of every sale which helps offset participation fees.  Our apparel provider (formerly BIG) merged with a company called Game-One.  We have a new and improved approach to our EPBBA apparel site.  In the past we had a specific, and limited, set of apparel options which were only available in short ordering windows. With Game-One, there are several new features that will improve your experience:

  • The apparel site is open 24/7/365 and your order is made and shipped immediately after you place it.
  • There are many customizable options across nearly all apparel providers (Reebok, Adidas, UA, etc.).
  • There is a collection of EPBBA logos for you to choose from to mix and match with your apparel choice.
  • Shipping direct to your house for speed and convenience, within two weeks.
  • Travel team shooting shirts will be ordered through this site by clicking the "Player Gear" tab.

Visit our new apparel site at www.game-one.com/my-store/ and search for ‘Eden Prairie’.  Currently there are four stores that will come up (Aqua Jets, CMS, High School and EPBBA), you will need to select EPBBA to enter our exclusive apparel site! Note: once you've enter the site, you will have two options to choose from, "Eden Prairie Boys Basketball" for your regualr apparel needs and "Player Gear" for shooting shirts.