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EPBBA Travel Tournament Volunteer Job Descriptions 2021



  • Parent volunteers can place coats and other belongings on tables behind the concession area.
  • Volunteers are required to wear a red EPBBA smock so that they are easily identifiable to spectators.
  • One family member must volunteer per player.. No EP travel Head Coaches or EPBBA Board members need to sign up, they are exempt.
  • At the START and END of your volunteer shift you must sign in and out at the table near the EPBBA concessions.
  • Diplomatic request that volunteers be on time and NOT leave their area until relieved by the next shift.
  • If you are having someone else do your volunteer hours, please let Kristina LaVelle know in advance so you get credit (952)412-3053



  • Set-up chairs, scoreboards, and tables prior to the start of games for that day.
  • Any clean up that is needed; walk through bleacher and bench areas.
  • Sweep courts prior to start of first games.



  • Greet visitors at entrance doors. Answer any questions that they may have and lead them in the correct direction. 


Concessions (Friday and Saturday-Chick-fil-A) (Sunday-Jersey Mikes)

  • Age 18+ to work in Concessions.
  • Work at concession stand; Sell - Sell - Sell.
  • Every volunteer must wear gloves and a mask while serving food/drink. 
  • Document on sheet about deliveries and what time sandwiches run out. 
  • Assist in cleaning at the conclusion of the last game of the day.


Court Monitors

  • Assist in directing spectators to proper court.
  • Spectators need to walk around the perimeter of activity center and not walk across courts.
  • Keep spectators at least three feet from basketball court and not directly behind baskets.
  • No players, coaches, or parents allowed on running track.
  • Sweep courts prior to the start of games and in between as needed.
  • No one is allowed on courts to shoot etc. during halftime or time-outs.
  • Assist in cleaning at the conclusion of the last game of the day.  A garbage bag will be provided towards the end of the last game to pick up any garbage in the bleachers and around the team benches.  Any lost items (shoes, clothing, balls etc) should be brought to the lost and found area by EPBBA concessions.  
  • Will get a walkie-talkie.



  • Assist Tournament Directors in handing out trophies to teams at the conclusion of trophy games.
  • Assist in cleaning at the conclusion of the last game of the day.