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EPBBA Travel Basketball Financial Aid Program

To achieve our goal of allowing boys with more advanced basketball skills the opportunity to play against stronger competition, the EPBBA Board of Directors has developed a Financial Aid program. This ensures that any boy regardless of financial situation can play travel basketball.

The EPBBA Travel Basketball Financial Program is outlined below:

  • The Eden Prairie Boys Basketball Association will offer a scholarship program to cover the full cost of the current $440 travel fee and the base fee of $155 if the player is eligible for free or reduced school lunch. 
  • As part of the registration process, the parent will be asked if the player will be trying out for travel and if they are in need of financial aid. 
  • In order to qualify for the scholarship the parent will be required to complete the EPBBA Travel Financial Aid Request Form. This form will contain the following information: 
    • Player’s Name and Grade
    • Parents’ Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address
    • Signature of Parent acknowledging free or reduced lunch criteria is met.
    • Name and signature of school counselor, staff, case worker or other official verifying free or reduced lunch criteria is met.
    • Once completed, email the form as an attachment to:  EPBBAFinancialAid@outlook.com


  • The EPBBA Travel Financial Aid Request Form and $100 check (a deposit which is not cashed provided parents work their designated shifts at the EPBBA Travel Basketball Tournament in early December) needs to be provided to the Travel Director on or before the final day of the travel tryouts.
    • If the parents decline to help at the EP Tournament, the $100 will be used to reimburse the EPBBA for hiring tournament workers. Deposit checks from parents who work their assigned shifts will be destroyed.
  • Parents will still be responsible for any additional costs for participation in the Travel program. These costs include admission fees for the tournaments, expenses of traveling to and from the tournaments and overnight lodging and food costs at the Rochester tournament. The estimated additional costs could total approximately $550 - $650.