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by posted 01/20/2020

Hello team. Great game on Saturday!  It was great seeing the good passing, good cutting and, as always, great intensity on defense. Hopefully, we can keep building that this week. We practice at 7:30 on Thursday at Oak Point, Gym B.  Our game is a little earlier this week. We play Saturday at 10:10 on AC3. We play another Eden Prairie team. The boys seemed to have a lot of fun playing against kids they know.  A little taste of what SwagBall will be like next year. Try to arrive by 9:50 on Saturday. Looking forward to a good practice on Thursday!  See you then. Jamey 

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Game On!
by posted 01/18/2020

Team 8-1, as of the latest update, the high school will be open today and the games will proceed as scheduled. Please arrive at the Activity Center by 11:00. Allow for extra time, as they are predicting strong winds to blow all the snow around. Boys, remember to change into your basketball shoes on the carpet. It is very difficult to keep the courts clean on days like this. Get a good breakfast. I want to come out with lots of intensity today!  See you on Court 2 at 11:00.  Jamey

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Another Close One
by posted 01/13/2020

Hello Team. Well, it was another great game. We just came up a little short this time. I’m proud of how we played to the end and never gave up. I always say that you get better by playing better competition, and we have played 3 pretty good teams so far. I hope we can learn some things from this game and that will make us a better team down the road. We practice Thursday at 6:00 again, at Oak Point Gym B. We practice in the same gym as the team we play on Saturday.  I don’t fully understand the rationale of that, but we’ll try not to give away too much of our game plan if the divider is open.  We play at 11:20 again on Saturday on AC2.  Try to get there by 11:00 again. Have a great week. Jamey

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