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by posted 11/26/2019

As some may have already seen, there is NO PRACTICE tonight. It has been canceled by the association.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you next week.




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Practice This Week
by posted 11/25/2019


I wanted to send a quick update on our team. 


Reminder, we have practice this Tuesday at FOREST HILLS. We will practice from 8:30 - 9:45 pm. I know its a late practice and people may be traveling, so please let me know if you will not be at practice tomorrow. It sounds like the weather could be an issue tomorrow also. If you have not heard from me by 7:30 pm tomorrow night, please assume practice is still on. If we end up with too few players, I will cancel the practice. I will update the group message on the SSU app and also update our team site with the cancelation.


So far we have been working on several fundamentals, including layups, dribbling with pivots, spot-up shooting, and shooting form. We will continue working on these drills as they encompass several aspects of the game that are needed to do well. I typically have the players working on fundamentals for the first half of practice and then we work on what we will run for an office the second half. My goal with our team is to get the players focused on playing a specific position when asked and knowing how their role affects others on the court.


I am very pleased with how the boys have been responding to coaching. Every player arrives ready to listen and learn has been very respectful to me and each other. It has been wonderful working with them so far.


We have two more practices before our first game, so we will continue to learn and cover as much as we can to be ready for Game 1!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


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